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At Crossell, we take pride in cultivating enduring partnerships through our top-tier sales and merchandising services. We are dedicated to fostering continuous improvement, innovation, and sustainability while aligning with your company goals. Because, at Crossell, Your Brand is Our Business. Choose the service model that suits you best – opt for either our full or co-managed award-winning teams to meet your sales and merchandising requirements. Whether you operate in FMCG, Retail, DIY, Pharma, Utilities, Telcos, we've got you covered.

Brands we work with

What our clients say about us

At Crossell we put our clients at the heart of everything we do. We partner with some amazing clients! We are proud of the reputation we have developed and are focused on delivering strong results every time.

We take a tailored approach for all of our clients. There is no one size fits all.

Our goal is to work with you to build and execute a strategy that delivers your brand plans in-store.

We are obsessed with measurable outcomes. Our service is not complete without delivering detailed information back to our client. Read some of our case studies below to hear our success stories.

"Kimberly-Clark have been using Crossell for over a decade, which speaks volumes. Crossell are honest, upfront, hard-working, flexible and extremely competitive. Together, we introduced systems to improve Kimberly-Clark’s presence at the point of purchase. We always receive detailed reporting, which is extremely effective and allows Kimberly-Clark to make required decisions. I would highly recommend Crossell, we have certainly got value for money for many years."
Barry Close
Customer Business Manager, Kimberly-Clark
"At Kellogg's, we have worked with Crossell for several years to extend our reach in the Irish market, and to increase our weighted distribution considerably across our product ranges. The Frontline data from Crossell is very beneficial as it gives us a clear return on our investment and a daily feel for what is happening instore. We can track our speed to market with innovation, it has increased. Our European colleagues often note it as best in class, particularly in the impulse area. Crossell's Frontline data also helps us pitch for additional investment, as we can showcase the great results we have achieved."
Ruth Hughes
Country Manager, Kellogg's Ireland

At Crossell Sales & Merchandising, our greatest asset is our people. We take pride in our diverse, inclusive, engaged and dedicated teams, that foster an inclusive and positive work environment.

We equip our teams with extensive training, nurture a strong engagement culture, drive passion and foster unwavering commitment to ensuring the success of your brand. 

Whether through our sales/merchandising or account management functions, our team is here to deliver excellence. Partner with Crossell, a company you can rely on and trust to not only get the job done but to excel at it.

Crossell people deliver.