To thrive in a competitive market, visibility through instore theatre of your product is key. Crossell, one of Ireland's premier merchandising agencies, offers the best merchandisers carefully selected by our recruitment team to ensure your product portfolio stands out. Renowned in the industry, Crossell provides flexible merchandising solutions that connect you with friendly, knowledgeable, and diligent merchandising staff. Choose from our award winning full-time, blitz, or ad-hoc merchandising teams, tailored to meet your specific needs. Elevate your product visibility with Crossell's best-in-class merchandising services.

Dedicated, Seasonal & Blitz Merchandising Teams

Enhance your brand visibility with Crossell! Whether you're tackling a specific project or have ongoing merchandising needs, let us craft the perfect solution for you. Our seasoned teams excel at boosting brand visibility through 'best-in-class" in-store activations and delivering impactful results. Choose from our dedicated, project-specific, or tactical merchandising teams, all backed by comprehensive activity reporting for accurate result measurement. Trust Crossell to elevate your brand presence effectively!

Merchandising Insights Reports

Gain valuable insights into your brands performance with our industry leading
merchandising insights reports. Measure call compliance, coverage, share of shelf, category interventions, and merchandise volume by category to get a comprehensive understanding of your brand's performance YoY in the

A Day in the Life: Empowering Retail Excellence with Crossell & Birds Eye

Experience a day with Crossell through Zane, our outstanding Business Developer showcasing our partnership with Birds Eye. In 90 seconds, witness our dedication to career growth, strong relationships, and data-driven insights.

A Day in the Life: Elevating Retail Success with Crossell & Kellanova

Embark on a 90-second journey with Sarah, our skilled Crossell Sales Specialist showcasing Kellanova brand excellence. Witness Sarah's daily routine highlighting her career growth, in-store relationships, client representation, and data-driven strategies.

A Day in the Life: Shaping Retail Triumph with Crossell & Kimberly-Clark

Join us in celebrating Craig, our dedicated Business Developer at Crossell, in a compelling 90-second showcase of his commitment to the Kimberly-Clark account. Beyond daily operations, this video highlights Craig's professional growth, relationship-building prowess, and our collective pride in achieving for our partners.

At Crossell Sales & Merchandising, our greatest asset is our people. We take pride in our diverse, inclusive, engaged and dedicated teams, that foster an inclusive and positive work environment.

We equip our teams with extensive training, nurture a strong engagement culture, drive passion and foster unwavering commitment to ensuring the success of your brand. 

Whether through our sales/merchandising or account management functions, our team is here to deliver excellence. Partner with Crossell, a company you can rely on and trust to not only get the job done but to excel at it.

Crossell people deliver.