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Crossell Sales & Merchandising offers brands across the island of Ireland a customer-focused suite of services designed to elevate your sales and merchandising objectives. With nearly 30 years of business expertise, our proven approach distinguishes your brand, ensuring it captures attention in the market. Our friendly team culture builds trust in your brand, deepening your relationship with your customers. 

Whether you operate in the FMCG grocery, drinks, utility, telco, hardware, pharmaceutical, or technology channels in Ireland, Crossell can create a customized and comprehensive solution to meet your sales, merchandising, and insights requirements. Elevate your brand with Crossell's strategic services today.


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When it comes to driving sales, your team is your greatest asset, and at Crossell, we recognize the importance of skilled, highly trained professionals. We offer our brands access to some of the country's most experienced and top-performing sales experts. Our dynamic field sales solution ensures you have timely access to the right sales personnel for your sales and merchandising requirements. Whether your goals involve rebranding, launching a new product, driving distribution, increasing market share, or scaling your team to meet seasonal surges, Crossell is your go-to solution with a stellar track record in successful managed sales operations, solidifying our position as the preferred field sales agency. Elevate your sales strategy with Crossell's unparalleled expertise and resources.

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To thrive in a competitive market, visibility through instore theatre of your product is key. Crossell, one of Ireland's premier merchandising agencies, offers the best merchandisers carefully selected by our recruitment team to ensure your product portfolio stands out. Renowned in the industry, Crossell provides flexible merchandising solutions that connect you with friendly, knowledgeable, and diligent merchandising staff. Choose from our award winning full-time, blitz, or ad-hoc merchandising teams, tailored to meet your specific needs. Elevate your product visibility with Crossell's best-in-class merchandising services.

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We empower our top-tier sales and merchandising teams with the industry leading field execution app, ensuring our brands achieve comprehensive market coverage and gain instant insights for informed strategic decision-making. Our capabilities include capturing in-store data and delivering actionable insights on key aspects such as:

  • Competitor activity
  • Instore compliance
  • Business insights
  • Market intelligence

Stay ahead in the market with our best-in-class teams and industry leading technology, driving your brand's success through informed decision-making and strategic execution.

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Additional Services

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At Crossell we support your business at every step to achieve your sales and merchandising goals.

We collaborate with you, getting to know your business in detail. We provide a complete solution under one roof; you don’t have the headache of sourcing the additional services elsewhere.

Our other services include:

  • implementation of your category management
  • consultancy
  • training
  • recruitment
  • experiential marketing
  • placement of POS material
  • warehousing and logistics.

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At Crossell Sales & Merchandising, our greatest asset is our people. We take pride in our diverse, inclusive, engaged and dedicated teams, that foster an inclusive and positive work environment.

We equip our teams with extensive training, nurture a strong engagement culture, drive passion and foster unwavering commitment to ensuring the success of your brand. 

Whether through our sales/merchandising or account management functions, our team is here to deliver excellence. Partner with Crossell, a company you can rely on and trust to not only get the job done but to excel at it.

Crossell people deliver.