Crossell offer brands across the island of Ireland a customer-focused suite of services helping you achieve your sales and merchandising goals. Our tried and trusted approach, developed over 20 years in business, helps your brand to stand out from the crowd. Our friendly team culture builds trust in your brand, deepening your relationship with your customers. If you are in the FMCG grocery, hardware, pharmaceutical, and technology channels in Ireland, Crossell can develop a tailored and complete solution that delivers on your sales, merchandising, and insights needs.


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When it comes to driving sales, people are your greatest asset – and ours too! At Crossell, we provide our brands with some of the most experienced, leading sales professionals this country has to offer.Our field sales solution allows you to access the right sales personnel just when you need them. Whether you are engaging in a complete rebrand, a new product launch, or simply want to scale your team to meet seasonal demands, Crossell has the solution for you.  We have an excellent track record in successful managed sales operations, making us your field sales agency of choice.

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In order to stand out in a cluttered market you need to get your product seen.Our best in class merchandisers, hand-picked by our recruitment team will help get your product noticed. As one of Ireland’s leading merchandising agencies, Crossell has become a trusted name in this space. Our flexible merchandising solutions allow you to avail of friendly, knowledgeable and hard-working merchandising staff.Select from full-time, blitz or ad-hoc merchandising teams, we have the options to meet your needs.

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In order to drive sales, we need to know exactly what is happening on the ground. Our cutting-edge technology, partnered with our retail auditing and compliance service provides you with a full, clear picture of current performance. Make informed decisions based on accurate and current data that will help the future growth of your business.

We use our insights to help find the answers to your business-critical questions, driving business-relevant key performance indicators (KPIs). We provide:

  • in-store data collection
  • data reporting
  • business insights
  • retail business intelligence

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Additional Services

At Crossell we support your business at every step to achieve your sales and merchandising goals.

We collaborate with you, getting to know your business in detail. We provide a complete solution under one roof; you don’t have the headache of sourcing the additional services elsewhere.

Our other services include:

  • implementation of your category management
  • consultancy
  • training
  • recruitment
  • experiential marketing
  • placement of POS material
  • warehousing and logistics.

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Crossell people deliver. We use our expertise to bring brands to life, ensuring that each interaction we have is of the highest standard. We know you want to work with a company that you can rely on and trust to get the job done, and done well. Crossell are the company to partner with.

With many years’ experience, you can rest assured that Crossell have our client’s best interests at heart. Our team of merchandisers work hard to increase visibility of your brand.