In order to drive sales, we need to know exactly what is happening on the ground. Our cutting-edge technology, partnered with our retail auditing and compliance service provides you with a full, clear picture of current performance. Make informed decisions based on accurate and current data that will help the future growth of your business.

We use our insights to help find the answers to your business-critical questions, driving business-relevant key performance indicators (KPIs). We provide:

  • in-store data collection
  • data reporting
  • business insights
  • retail business intelligence

Value driven consumer insights

Data is all around us, we've never had so much information at our fingertips. However, data is not enough. Making informed business decisions demands that we analyse data, seeking emerging trends to drive actions.

Our market-leading business intelligence technology, enables you to easily access real-time consumer insights. Armed with this information, you can make decisions to enable business growth.

Seasonal and Blitz Merchandising Teams

Seasonal markets demand a specific approach for brands. Crossell work with you to develop a detailed plan to achieve your goals. Our dedicated merchandising teams work with your brand, implementing your bespoke campaign plan. All campaign activity is measured and reported, with analysis, giving open and accurate feedback.

Crossell people deliver. We use our expertise to bring brands to life, ensuring that each interaction we have is of the highest standard. We know you want to work with a company that you can rely on and trust to get the job done, and done well. Crossell are the company to partner with.

With many years’ experience, you can rest assured that Crossell have our client’s best interests at heart. Our team of merchandisers work hard to increase visibility of your brand.